Composer/ Musical Director: 

A Monster Calls. Old Vic

Peter pan. national theatre

jane eyre. National theatre

outpost. green ginger

Hetty Feather. kenny wax

Varmints. Sadler’s Wells

sleeping beauty. Jane Eyre, The Boy Who Cried Wolf,

Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Papa Please Get The Moon For Me,

Strong Case, Aesop’s Fables. were going ona bear hunt. Bristol Old Vic

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (kenny wax)

101 Dalmatians,,Cinderella, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,

Bob The Man on the Moon, Lost and Found,

Ugly Ducking. Tobacco Factory & Travelling Light

Orpheus and The Furies,

Table of Delights. little table of delights. Damfino Theatre

  Stick Man, Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales, Scamp Theatre

Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Little Angel/Kneehigh




Television And Film Credits As A Composer Include: 

panorama, night sky,Empire of the Tsar, stars at night, star gazing live,

 Faster Harder Stronger,Castles Rude Britannia,Comics file,

autum watch,The Wonder Of Animals. Castles. Country File. BBC

Cult Of A Suicide Bomber, Wind Farm Wars.(C4) Lucky G Productions

Weekend Retreat ( O Region ) 

Musician Credits Include:

Knee-High Theatre. wild works theatre, Bonobo, Alice Russell,

100 Strong, Mark Pritchard, Jermaine Clement. 

Unforscene Credits Include

Sulston Connection, Pacific Heights, New World Disorder (Kudos Records), 

Fingers And Thumbs (Tru Thoughts)

Return Of The Wob (Wob Recordings)